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Neighborhood Stroll of Fairfax, Los Angeles The Fairfax District in Los Angeles is a neighborhood with a rich history and mixed culture of old and new. It is deeply rooted in Judaica culture, as apparent along the streets lined with Jewish delis, bakeries, grocery stores, and synagogues. Though in recent decades Fairfax has become an urban playground for younger generations, it still carries the essence of traditional Jewish lifestyle. Here is where decades-old Israeli restaurants sit next to streetwear shops and thrift shops, and “where Orthodox men share the sidewalk with skateboarders” (Nedivi, 2013). The history of this old neighborhood begins when A.F. Gilmore migrated his dairy farm from Illinois to Los Angeles in the late 1800s. In …show more content…

Fairfax Avenue is one of the most walkable areas in the city. How this neighborhood came to be the hub of recreation is attributed to select sites that brought in new crowds, layering it with a variety of arts and culture. New York based skate and streetwear brand Supreme marks the mecca of skate culture in Fairfax since it opened shop in 2004. Just as Supreme introduced the urban streetwear and shopping fad to Fairfax, the opening of many “culinary hot spots” (Satran, 2015) added a layer of foodie culture to the neighborhood. Since 2008, the rise of exciting new restaurants has become another aspect of the Fairfax identity with restaurants like The Golden State, Animal, and the celebrity favorite, “No Name Club” (Satran, 2015). Star chef, Jon Shook, explains that the appeal of Fairfax is its “gritty” vibe where skate culture meets Old-world Judaica (qtd. in Satran, 2015). Even though they no longer dominate the culinary experience in the neighborhood, Jewish and Israeli independently owned establishments keep the spirit of old Fairfax alive. Canter’s 419 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 For over half a century, Canter’s Deli has served multi-generation families and regulars who have never moved from the neighborhood. To the locals, Canter’s is “a place of solace, and they come for the old-fashioned

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