Neighborhood Watch Program : Prevent Criminal Activity

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Neighborhood Watch program was designed to prevent criminal activity then reduces crimes in the neighborhood by unitizing the people in the neighborhood. The program will unitize people who will volunteer to observe the neighborhood for any criminal activity. The volunteers will pick certain times of the day and week to watch the neighborhood. In their duties, the volunteer upon noticing any criminal activates will then contact the local police department. The program will have a meeting that is decided on either monthly or weekly as to what will be the best way to handle situations preventing the volunteer from taking the matter into their own hands creating a safety risk to them or someone else. The meetings will assess what if anything needs to be an improvement on the program then what part of the neighborhood that needs more attention due to criminal activity. The volunteers while performing their duties will know where the most criminal actives happen which then will require them to assess what they must do to prevent such activities. This program must require the assistance of the Local Police Department, who will help the citizens of the neighborhood in preventing criminal actives. I have reacted on administrative calls in some neighborhoods and houses that were empty, which are used for drug houses or drug use or anything of criminal activity. I have seen this multiple times on administrative calls in and around the neighborhoods and homes. I have observed too…
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