Neil Trotter Research Paper

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The 41-year-old Neil Trotter is an aspiring racing driver and a car mechanic who used to live in a busy suburban neighborhood of Coulsdon, Surrey. Not even in his wildest dreams that he won the most surprising race of his life. The former car mechanic now resides in a £5million medieval mansion after scooping the £108 million jackpot. The EuroMillions said in an interview, ‘‘I always knew I’m going to be a millionaire. I’m a Trotter, so it’s going to happen at some stage. I have always believed, and it obviously works.’’ Mr. Trotter and his long-time partner Nicky Ottaway purchased their 400 acres Medieval splendor where they built their Grade II-listed manor house with their own private lake! Wait, there's more… But even with an envious

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