Nemesis: Goddess Of Justice And Revenge

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Nemesis, goddess of justice and revenge, was born from Nyx to torment mortals. She made sure that everyone had an equal balance of happiness and sorrow in their lives. This minor goddess is


The goddess is usually shown with wings and a double-edged sword. One edge of the sword represents darkness and the other side represents light. According to Greek mythology, a sword is a highly respected symbol of power so being killed by one was a highly respected way to die. She is associated with an apple branch, a wheel, a whip, or scales. Her eyes are covered by a blindfold which shows her neutrality.


Narcissus, an arrogant son of Cephissus and Liriope, was punished by Nemesis. After rejecting many of his admirers, one named Echo asked the goddess, Nemesis, to punish him. The goddess heard her pleas and lured …show more content…

Her mother, Nyx, was the goddess of the night and her father, Erebus, was the primordial god of darkness. Some myths believe that her father was either Zeus or Oceanus and her mother was either Tethys or Dike. Others say that she did not have a father and only had a mother. The revenge goddess had eighteen godly brothers and sisters. They were Aether and Hemera, Moros, Ker, Thanatos, Hypnos, Oneiroi, Momus, Oizys, Hesperides, Moirai, Keres, Apate, Philotes, Geras, and Eris.


One myth states that Nemesis unwilling mated with the god of the sky, Zeus. She turned into many different animals such as a fish in order to escape Zeus. She turned into a goose and Zeus turned into a swan. He mated with her and laid an egg. The egg hatched into two sets of twins. One set was Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, and the other was Castor and Pollux.
Some others says that she wasn’t the mother of the two sets of twins. They say that Leda, the daughter of Thestius, gave birth to them because she unwillingly mated Zeus. Others say that the egg Nemesis bore was given to Leda by a shepherd.

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