Essay on Nepotism Rule in Finding a Job

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INTRO It’s not what you know anymore. It’s whom you know. Most of the time when you go for a job someone has an influence in you being hired such as an employee that works there or a family member. Majority of the time it is not because you are qualified to do the job. This is my theory on why it is so hard to get a job straight out of college. Being a recent graduate you do not know many people in your field and you most likely have no experience. I think the best way that we can solve the problem of college graduates not being able to find a job is everyone company adapting the No-Nepotism rule. The regulation that you cannot work at any place where you have family or friends at least not in your direct department. Another …show more content…

Even though Unemployment benefits are offered not always necessarily a good thing. The help of the government financially to any citizen that was let go from their job not being their fault can only establish a comfort of being unemployed. Causing the effort of an individual to get a new job to decrease. The only good thing that has been able to come through the unemployment is something that to many sounds illogical which is the rise in rate production. Which in negative views has been causing the need for new jobs and workers to decrease. LITERATURE REVIEW Nepotism has been on the rise since the economy has been so bad. According to MarketWatch, “Jobvite, a provider of recruiting technology (including tools for companies to run employee referral programs), said that a study of its clients’ hiring data shows that 61% of new hires come through employee referrals and company career pages, while just 14% came through job boards”, At accounting and consulting firm EY, formerly known as Ernst & Young, 46% of new hires in 2012 came through employee referrals, up from 28% a few years ago. (Those figures don’t count entry level workers.)” Besides Big level companies small stores have a bigger rate of new hires coming through referral of employees. At one of the Yankees Clubhouse, 100% of the staff was able to get the job through nepotism. I am one of the employees at the clubhouse and it was confirmed

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