Nestle Case Study : Nestle Company

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1.Introduction :
Nestlé, a company who has a motto of "Good Food, Good Life", was found in the year 1866 by Henri Nestle. Nestlé 's first product was a milk based food, made for those babies who were unable to be fed by their mothers. Within five years Nestlé 's milk was being sold all over the world as a food for not only babies, but also for all age groups. It had made it 's name in the market very soon and grew rapidly, which made the company enter into the chocolate industry. Later the company got merged with an Anglo-Swiss company who were profound for their condensed milk products. Nestlé became one of the biggest companies in the world in terms of their business turn-over and also it 's products. The company started to expand it 's business rapidly and grew it 's market. It has market over 190 countries and about 447 factories round the globe.
Logo :
The Company 's logo is a nest with a mother bird protecting her young, which showed Nestlé 's care and attitude towards life-long nutrition.
Nestlé was one of the first companies to introduce a substitute to breast milk. This is one the reasons it had a lot of fame, at the same time faced, and still facing lot of problems with it 's marketing strategies.

2.Nestlé 's Act of substitutes for breast milk: The European Parliament Development and Co-operation Committee held a public hearing on November 22nd 2000, to present some of the evidences that were gathered by International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and…

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