Nestle Case Study

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Pancho Elaine Jaine C.

1. What are the responsibilities of companies in this or similar situations?

* Nestlé should find a way to become involved with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, like sending in donations or even working with the organization to help. * Nestlé should remain a member of Infant Food Manufactures (IFM). * Nestlé should keep its internal Nestlé instructions to Nestlé employees updated and up to standards to avoid any more problems. * Nestlé should continue their efforts on social responsibility by sponsoring events at international medical and nutrition conferences, and events like celebrating the Canadian Year of the Family, and funding research on infant feeding. * Nestlé …show more content…

Know the culture of nations to best direct the marketing approach.

4. Assume you are the one who had to make the final decision on whether or not to promote and market Nestle’s baby formula in Third World countries. Read the section titled “Ethical and Socially Responsible Decision” In chapter 5 as a guide to examine the social responsibility and ethical issues regarding the marketing approach and the promotion used. Were the decisions socially

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