Net Conversions Influences Kelley Blue Book Case Study

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NetConversions Influences Kelley Blue Book BUS 454 Shelia Cassidy Introduction This paper will explore the way that NetConversions (NetC) influenced the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) webpages after first presenting a short history of the Kelly blue book company. The three discussion questions to be answered are: • Develop the management-research question hierarchy through investigative questions for this project. • Using the research process model (Exhibit 4– 1), describe and evaluate the research design of this project. • Describe and evaluate the sampling design for this project. From Model T’s to Web Sites Kelly Blue Book (K BB) began life in 1918 as Kelly Kar Company with three…show more content…
After World War II was over the Kelleys offered a “G. I. Credit Plan” with no money down and up to five years to pay off the car. By this time the Kelly Kar Company had also evolved into selling both new cars and used cars and advertised with full-page newspaper ads and later on, become one of the first dealers to use television to advertise their business. Les Kelley decided to sell his dealerships rather than move them again, because of the rising land prices in Los Angeles. Staples Center and LA Live sits on the old Kelly Kar Company site today. The Kelleys focused on the Blue Book and moved their company first to Long Beach, and then later to Orange County, California (Irvine). The Kelly Blue Book became the standard of the industry for the next 30 years, and was sold as a “trade” publication to automotive industry businesses. Other value guides were soon started as well, including a New Car Price Manual, RV Guide, Motorcycle Guide, and a Manufactured Housing Guide. Because the blue book only covered seven years, it made sense to also publish the Older Car Guide when people began to keep their cars longer. In 1978 Mike Kelley became the third generation Kelley member to join the company. Mike’s background in computer science help the company to not only develop trade in software for dealers, but also pricing software for both new and used cars. But the innovation did not stop there as K BB developed software for the dealers
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