Net Neutrality Of The Internet

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The end of your school’s fall semester and all year long your English class plans to take a huge essay at the end of the year.The teacher tells their class must be typed online and must be sent to them no later than 11:59 on a Tuesday. Out of nowhere your parents talk to you saying they can't afford to pay for their internet anymore because the price has drastically gone up since corporations can do whatever they want. What if the internet was taken away from you forever, what would you do without being able to finish school assignments or complete job applications online. Not being able to check or update your profile on your social media page or be able to read and send your emails.Companies who provide internet to the world should not be able to give better and faster internet to those who can and are willing to pay for more. …show more content…

People need the internet to do their jobs, or to be able to finish any type of their school research paper or assignment. What makes it all possible and easy to get internet has been a policy that's been around for many years called net neutrality. Net neutrality gives people the freedom to explore the internet without having any restrictions whatsoever regardless of the source, but recently internet providers and telecoms have demanded for more money for their internet services. Companies who provide internet to the world should not be able to give better

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