Network Features Of A Computer Infrastructure

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Abstract Networks and media are two important aspects of a computer infrastructure that should be constantly under protection. Most of the network protocols that we use nowadays were developed like the open protocols. It means everyone who has an access to the network can scan, read, and modify packets easily. Thus, one of the tasks a cybersecurity expert might face is developing a new network architecture or update the existing, vulnerable one. So, the one should have a strategic knowledge to build the network architecture with the proper security. For example, why it is sometimes better to setup the network devices with the dynamic IP addresses, or what might happen if it would be two identical IP addresses in the network. Sometimes it is better to install a switch instead of a router to increase the average network speed and reduce the breaking availability . The knowledge about the networks and computers make the cybersecurity expert thinks critically and provide the strategic ideas about the exact network topology and devices. Also, there are some techniques that might help to protect the dynamic networks against braking down. There are a lot of dynamic network protocols, such as RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP that operates differently, according to the bandwidth, number of hops, and network availability.

Introduction Computer era (century) has come very fast. Only a couple of decades ago, the first computers were developed and changed the ways of billions of people…
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