Network Sercurity Industry Essay

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Network Security 4th Block With the upraise of Internet use around the world from businesses, private computers and networks there are bound to be people out there trying to get easy money. Hackers and viruses and just human error all represent a potential threat to your networks and sometimes more personal stuff like credit card numbers and social security numbers. This is where the Network Security industry comes into play; it protects your network from viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, spy ware, adware, hackers, denial of service attacks and Identity theft. Network security is one of the best things you could own, you could be arrested for something you didn’t even do, all …show more content…

David Pensak claims that he built the first commercially used fire wall. But Marcus Ranum says that’s marketing BS. He also says that David Pesotto Is the one who did it. William Cheswick and Steven Bellovin, who actually wrote the book on firewalls while at AT&T, say they didn't invent the firewall, but they built a circuit-level gateway and packet filtering technology. But all of these security experts, Paul Vixie, Brian Reid, Fred Avolio, and Brent Chapman, and others were involved in some way with the start of firewall technology production. Several of them have been called the father of the firewall, but most experts have come to the conclusion that there's not just one biological father of the technology. The firewall's history has been well-documented, but it's tough to pinpoint just which stage of the firewall. Most security experts trace roots back to work done at Digital Equipment Corp. gateway, as well as to Mogul's "screened" technology. Most intruders can gain access to your computer or network through HTTP port 80. Legitimate users normally use them for browsing a web page, network meeting, and performing transfers and downloads. Open ports can also be a way for intruders to gain access to the network system. Open ports are one of the most common security complications with big networks. All unused ports should be closed and all open ports should be

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