Network Topology Design Essay

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Network Topology Design Week 4 Assignment 2 Naressa Hackney Menser Dr. Edwin Otto CIS532 Network Architecture and Analysis February 3, 2013 "Network addresses should be carefully planned managed and documented (Oppenheimer, p. 168)". All of the address names should make sense and should be easily understood. As Oppenhiemer states, I would begin planning by designing a model. Design the model without assigning any addresses (p.168). Once the model is designed, the network engineer will begin to assign blocks of addresses in a hierarchical fashion to allow scalability, and an easy level of understanding. Also important is developing policies and procedures for addressing and naming. This would involve plans for distributing…show more content…
Next we will assign an IP network number to an enterprise network (subnetting the network number and subnetting the subnets, as in the structured (hierarchical) model" (Oppenheimer, p. 168, 2011). Following is a list of additional steps that will be use in addressing and numbering a network layer: 1. Leave room for growth, renumbering or experimental purposes 2. Assign blocks of addresses in a hierarchical manner to facilitate good scalability and availability 3. Assign blocks of addresses based on the physical network, not on group membership, to avoid problems when group or individual growth or move occurs 4. Delegate authority for addressing regional and branch-office networks, subnets, servers, and end systems (if network management expertise is high in this area) 5. Use dynamic addressing for end systems to maximize flexibility and minimize configurations 6. Use private addresses with network address translation (NAT) in IP environment to maximize security and adaptability. Using a hierarchical network design topology, there will a Core Layer, Distribution Layer, and an Access Layer. The Core Layer will consist of the high-speed backbone, these will consist of the 20 backend enterprise servers, our headquarters. Since the core layer is the primary basis for interconnectivity, included are redundancy components (Oppenheimer, p. 127, 2011). The Distribution Layer will be the point of boundaries between the
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