Essay on Cisco Culture

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Assessing corporate culture Cisco Systems

MBA 501: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership
Professor: Dr. Bruce Hiebert

Gurjot Singh

Friday, April 09, 2010


1 Introduction 3

2 About Cisco Systems 3

2.1 Vision, mission 3

2.2 Slogans, legends and myths 5

2.3 Organizational structure 6

3 Human Network and leadership 8

3.1 Employees and rewards 8

3.2 Training and teaching 12

3.3 Leaders’ functions and Change management 13

4 Application of the theory. Conclusion 15

References 17


Cisco Systems has leveraged the power of organizational behavior to become one of the world’s leading high technology companies which is spread
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Slogans have particular power in a sense of how the network from students to teachers, customers to corporations, and ideas to people is structured and is incorporated to have a win- win situation. (Cisco, Chambers, J. 2005). September 8, 2005 September 8, 2005 These slogans make it evident that it is not only about the employees but it involves each and everybody who is anyhow related to the organization. Cisco delivers the message that not only they simply try to manufacture the technical equipment, but also builds the networks and relations between people. The slogans also emphasize the value and importance of the Internet as the main tool for communication. Thus operating wisely, it does not ignore people as an important part of the network and at the same time it pursues its commercial goals by promoting Internet equipment. “Networks are all around us. They are in our walls, in the air. At schools, hotels, hospitals, even coffee shops. Always there, always on…This power exists today. In our routers. In our switches... . (Cisco, n.d.) This passion for communication and human connection via network came from the very founders of Cisco. The Cisco story began when Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack met and fell in love while students at Stanford University in 1977. They wanted to send each other messages via Internet without bagging up with the complicated
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