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Why We are Different Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic uses the most technologically-advanced method of neurofeedback available; NeuroGuide’s 19 Channel LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback. This state of the art technology improves outcomes and helps clients reach their goals in the shortest amount of time. Many neurofeedback providers hold onto outdated methods that often take 60+ sessions. In contrast, LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback provides clients with positive results in about 20 sessions. This allows for a significantly faster symptom reduction at a huge cost savings to the client. LORETA 3D IMAGING Alpha NeuroHealth clinic uses a full 19 sensor array, LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) gives a real-time 3D image of your brain activity. With 19 channel LORETA Neurofeedback, we can train deeper areas of the brain; entire networks (anxiety, addiction, mood networks etc…), coherence (the way various parts of the brain connect with other parts), phase (the speed in sending signals within the brain); all crucial factors in optimal brain health. We do not have to chase a dysregulation around your brain with a couple of sensors; we work on the whole brain! All this coverage means a more efficient training session, which in turn means fewer sessions. Z-SCORE If you want to see if something is out of balance or dysregulated, you need a…show more content…
We use an FDA registered QEEG database meeting inclusion/exclusion criteria, transparent sample size per age group, and amplifier matching. It has been clinically correlated and cross-validated, and is cited in over 100,000 peer reviewed publications. It is capable of neurofeedback directly on deep brain areas and functions; as well as Hagmann’s Hubs, Modules, and Default Mode Networks. The client’s symptom checklist is combined with the QEEG Brain Map to link symptoms to the dysregulated brain
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