Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat Essay example

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Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat

For my book report, I have chosen the novel Never Cry Wolf by Farley
Mowat. In this report I will give a brief summary of the novel as well as why I have chosen it for my report. Finally, I will give my reactions to the novel with regards to its analysis of the place of human beings in nature, whether the destiny of humans and nature is intertwined, and how nature is regarded by the different religious and political philosophies demonstrated in the novel.

Never Cry Wolf is based upon the true story of the author's experiences during two years spent as a biologist studying a family of wolves in northern
Canada during the mid nineteen fifties. When Mowat is sent on his expedition
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This meant that I could more easily identify the setting and thus relate better to the author's feelings and perceptions. Meanwhile, Siddhartha was set in India and in my mind was dated and unreal humankind (society) seems today to have more of a desire and a need to get back to nature and the simple life. The spirit of peace that emanates from Mowat's book allows one to focus on what is possible when one has time to reflect In this I mean that Never Cry Wolf seemed to hold a more meaningful message for modern times. As well I found the style of writing in the Mowat novel to be clearer then in Siddhartha. These were some of the factors that combined to produce a situation where Never Cry Wolf captured my attention more than Siddhartha. It was for these reasons that I chose the novel by Farley Mowat.

In my opinion, Never Cry Wolf placed humans in the role of intruders as far as nature is concerned. Mowat cites several instances where humans violate nature and represent a threat to its sanctity. Even though this threat is not reciprocated by nature, humans continue to infringe upon nature and then deny the consequences of their actions. Two prevalent examples of this occur: when
Mowat accidentally wanders into the wolves den when the wolves' are there, and again when he discovers a herd of deer that have been slaughtered by hunters.
Both examples

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