Never Forgotten Forever Changed. Essay

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Never Forgotten Forever Changed This is the heartbreaking story of my three close friends whose lives were taken much too early in life. Their names were Lon, Anne, and my best friend Bob. Shea was also critically injured in this horrific car accident. My life and the lives of everybody that knew them were forever changed on that Friday night. The day started like any other Friday, little did any of us know, that this was going to be one of the worst days in most of our entire lives. Excitement filled the halls of Grand Blanc High School for another fun filled weekend was finally here. Bob and I had several classes together but still hadn’t decided what we wanted to do with our weekend. Some of our friends were headed up north to party and another group was just going to hang out around town and see what the weekend brought them. The school bell rang and Bob and I couldn’t get out of our class fast enough. I often rode to school with Bob and his little brother Mike, and this day was no different. We got Mike home safe where he spent some time talking with his brother. “Stay out of trouble tonight and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Bob playfully said to him, I remember Mike responding to Bob with a smirk saying “Yeah, yeah, how bout’ you bum me a square before you go?” Bob willingly gave his brother the cigarette and as we backed out of the driveway Bob shouting “Love you bro!” to his brother who had started towards the house. This was the last time Mike ever saw his big

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