Never Let Me Go

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I read the book Never Let Me Go which was first published in 2005. It was written by Kazuo Ishiguro who is a Japanese-born British author. The story describes a dystopian world where clones have been created to cure before incurable diseases.
The story building is in three acts. The first one tells us about the childhood of our characters(Hailsham), the second one about their teens and early adulthood(cottages) and the last one about their donations. The clones were made from normal people, but they grew up in institutions with other clones and when they reached adulthood they start to donate their vital organs. After Wolrd War II people started experimenting with clones and in few years’ time, medical science took a major leap and
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The protagonist ans also the narrator of the story is Kathy H. When she was young she was really clever and kind, and always did what she thought was the right thing to do. But as she grows up and gets to know human frailty, and feebleness she becomes more suppressed and in the end of the book she doesn't show much emotions and only does what she is told. Her best friends are Tommy and Ruth who is the antagonist. Kathy and Tommy had been friends since they were little and always had some special bond, and always understood each other completely. One would assume that they would end up together, which they do in the end, but not until Ruth is dead. I like Kathy because it is really easy to relay to her. I can easily understand the things she says and does, because she is so true. Another thing in this story which is brilliantly written is Kathy and Ruth‘ s friendship. I am sure everyone has had a friend like this, at least I have, and therefore I think it is is even harder to read on when they are having problems because it is so familiar. Ruth is Kathy's best friend and the antagonist. She is really bossy and usually gets what she wants. She seems to be really confident but in fact she is quite insecure. Unlike other characters she has big hopes for her future. She wants to work in a big office with happy and spontaneous people. When she
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