Neverwhere: Book Analysis

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Villarosa, Katrina Ysabel P. ENGLISH IV BOOK ANALYSIS NEVERWHERE “Fall into the shadows, discover a world unknown, Journey through London bellow, be Neverwhere.” Introduction: A psychoanalytical approach to a world behind a world, invisible to the naked eye, existing because of magic, danger and fantasy, Neverwhere. The psychoanalytical theory can be used as a way to explain the change of heart of Richard Mayhew when he had been introduced to the underground world he thought never existed. A man after moving to London for a life of spender found himself stuck in a situation beyond extreme. Having experienced a world that he never though had existed he realized the significance to the invisible world existing…show more content…
The impossible is possible in a world that exists only beneath them. In a psychoanalytical approach, the reason Richard had been brought into London Bellow had been because of the psychological imbedding of compassion. He had been a man that was born and raised in Scotland and had moved to London to find a life for himself. He had not been a part of the raise of London therefore the showing of his compassionate heart. By helping Door when she was wounded and vulnerable, he was brought into the world of London Bellow hence, his invisibility to London above. Review: In my opinion, Neverwhere is not a book I would most likely read. It isn’t my genre nor is it the type of book that is in my preference. Although, I did enjoy the fantasy of being brought to another world somewhere that was so bizarre. The play of words was indeed a very interesting. But, again, it is not my type of book. It is a bit too descriptive which led to boredom and distractions pulled me away from finishing the book before hand. Although, I very much enjoy the writings of Neil Gaiman, I had read two of his books before I read Neverwhere and I enjoyed them to an extent. His way of writing is very witty and it has a hint of sarcasm, which amuses me. The character building of each character is indeed evident and the plot was interesting with all the twists, betrayals and adventure. The book was good all in all, but I would have enjoyed it more if had been less descriptive and

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