New Century Wellness Group : Business And Health Information Management

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Milestone Four Anneace Phillips Southern New Hampshire University Introduction New Century Wellness group wants a completely new and modern system to support the business and health information management needs of the company today and will support future growth. The system would help the doctors, nurses, and other staff carry out their jobs more effectively. The head doctors of the practice recently made a request for a new system. The investigation team consisted of two members of the Information Technology crew. They started by interviewing/questioning members of the staff, the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. System Request Summary New Century Wellness wants a new system that will help them do employee benefits, payroll, tax deductions, profit distribution, medical records, accounts receivables, insurance billing, appointments, ordering and organizing office and medical supplies. We will achieve this by setting them up with a system that allows for electronic medical records, computerized provider order entry, clinical decision support system, and a practice management system to improve day to day business. Findings While conducting the initial investigation, it was discovered that the providers wanted a system that would allow them to keep all the patients information (demographical information, medical history, and insurance information) one central location that could be accessed when it was needed. They would also like a way to make sure

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