New Century Wellness Group : Business And Health Information Management

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Milestone Four
Anneace Phillips
Southern New Hampshire University

New Century Wellness group wants a completely new and modern system to support the business and health information management needs of the company today and will support future growth. The system would help the doctors, nurses, and other staff carry out their jobs more effectively.
The head doctors of the practice recently made a request for a new system. The investigation team consisted of two members of the Information Technology crew. They started by interviewing/questioning members of the staff, the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc.
System Request Summary
New Century Wellness wants a new system that will help them do employee
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The project should take 34 days from start to finish. This includes the development, installation and testing of all the new systems. The total cost of this is $28,240. As with any project being able to stay on budget could end up being a problem. Even though we come up with plans for the project there are also unknowns or things that just happen that couldn’t have been foreseen. If the project is unable to stay on track with the time line due to problems with the installation, testing running over, or training taking longer than expected, the whole project could end up way over budget and some changes in the systems could end up needing to be made. All in all, I believe this project is feasible to accomplish in the 34-day timeline.
Case for Action After careful investigation into what systems would best benefit the practice and stay within their budget, the IT department recommends the installation of Greenway health’s Prime Suite electronic health record system. This system allows providers to track patient data over time and in doing so notify patients when they are due for physicals, vaccinations, and preventative tests and screenings with the help of the master patient index. This system also helps providers keep track of how a specific patient measures up in certain things like blood pressure and lets the provider know what is normal for that patient. The patient can see any one of the healthcare providers and the provider can
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