Essay A Holistic Approach to Ambulatory Care

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It is apparent that treatment with pharmaceutical drugs is not always the preference of the patient. In order for the delivery of care to be patient centered, a holistic approach to care needs to be a standard in ambulatory care. This change would enable the assurance that patients are presented with all options available and enable them to take control of their health.
The Journal of Dietary Supplements discusses the increased use of “Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)” and how it is becoming a need among physicians to educate and train themselves so that the idea of Integrative Medicine is a realization to the public (Litchy, 2011). This holistic approach allows the ability for conventional medicine to be incorporated with …show more content…

The use of technology will enable patients to track important health information. This can be useful for patients changing primary care providers, meaning the redundant attempts to provide physician offices with past medical history can be eliminated. A discussion of extensive implementation of Electronics Health Records (EHR’s) to create a service for patients is found on (Health IT, 2014). As of now only a select few organizations include this service technology and it is called “Blue Button.” This service allows patients to retrieve all medical records through the internet rather than having to visit the medical records office at a local facility. With the inclusion of this service, a broad variety of services including a system wide online patient portal is a possibility to allow patients the ability to connect mobile health monitoring devices, check current prescriptions, and review important blood test results (Health IT, 2014). These tools can be utilized by patients to track and take preventative actions on their health status, but unfortunately not every healthcare organization offers this to its patients. If the inclusion of this type of service becomes a standard in care, patients will gain access to their health records and be able to utilize them through a more convenient effort no matter which provider is seen.
This type of technology will generally lead to improved patient satisfaction as, more control over

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