New Log : Of Mice And Men

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Mrs. Adria Butcher Ap English IV 7th period September 30, 2015 New Log: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck John Steinbeck creates an odd pair of men to assume the role of protagonist in his novel, Of Mice and Men. George, a small and quick-witted man, is the dominant personality. Lennie, his clumsy companion, is a character who displays a child-like demeanor and is often compared to an animal throughout the novel. The couple’s relationship closely resembles that which is often found between a father and son. Steinbeck later introduces Curley, the boss’s son, as an entitled, pampered brat. Throughout the novel, Curly becomes more obnoxious and the reader is encouraged to dislike him as the rest of the characters obviously do. Of Mice and Men is set in rural California. George and Lennie work on a ranch with several other members of the 1930s’ humble lower class. The men rarely leave the property so there is little outside influence during their time spent there. Because of this, many of them are fascinated by Curley’s flirty wife, who is bored out of her mind living her plain life inside the small house. In the nineteen thirties, two unlikely friends George and Lennie, find themselves starting a new job-- working as farm hands on a small California ranch. They get off to a good start and seem to be in the boss’s good graces. George, the one intelligent one of the two, speaks for his intellectually-disadvantaged companion on several occasions and tries to keep him out

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