New Zealand Essay

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Beautiful waterfalls, luscious green foliage, spikey haired rats, and delightfully colored lizards are just some of the images that appear when New Zealand is entered in Google. This country is so beautiful and has such a rich past. It is interesting that even through Maori Tribes and European invasions, tsunamis, and the old traditions being replaced by new ones, New Zealand’s forests are still home to so many different, exotic creatures and plants. Even though it is beautiful mankind is known for his destruction of Mother Nature in his search for survival. The Maori Tribe, indigenous to New Zealand, believed very strongly in the sacredness and showed great appreciation for this beautiful planet that we all call home. Culture as …show more content…

Because of the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, they climate warms up, which in turn destroys the forest. In 2016, a major fire broke out and destroyed a large percent of the nature and wildlife of New Zealand. Even though it is heart breaking to read and research about what we have done to our fabulous world, it is comforting to know that there are people committed to saving her. There are many different groups who are natives of New Zealand, both European and Maori, who have dedicated their careers to study and observe the cultural importance that has been passed down throughout the years. Organizations like Forest & Bird, Greenpeace, and ECO are at the front lines of this fight and making sure that not only are the creations of the past are here today but for tomorrow and the next generations to come. “Forest & Bird is working with central and regional government, recreational groups and farmers to reduce the impact of agriculture on our freshwater environments. We want our lakes, rivers and streams to be safe to swim inland drink from – and support our native freshwater species. We are also lobbying to protect our pristine rivers, that are home to some of our most

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