New Zealand Small And Medium Sized Enterprises Essay

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2.1 Brief Introduction to New Zealand Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key source of innovation and make a significant contribution to the economy of New Zealand in terms of employment, output and growth. There is no universally definition of an SME in New Zealand. However, from a government perspective, they are considered to be firms having the following traits: personal ownership and management, having few specialist managerial employees, and they are not part of a larger business organization. These traits are typically demonstrated by SMEs in New Zealand, so New Zealand politicians and business organizations are usually define SMEs as enterprises with 19 or fewer employees. According to report 2011, SMEs account for 31% of total employment, and contribute 40% total outputs (Ministry of Economic Development, 2011). 2.2 Which sectors have had positive number of birth and deaths in 2010? According to the New Zealand business statistics, there were only seven sectors have had a positive number of birth and deaths in 2010. It consists of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; Financial and Insurance Services; Information Media and Telecommunications; Construction; Health Care; Accommodation and Food Services; Education and Training; and Public Administration and Safety. Among them the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing dropped to 625 net births in 2009, and revived in 2010 which close to 1,415 net births (Ministry of Economic
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