Newcomer Pre-Employment Program Essay

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Newcomer Pre-Employment Program (PEP) This program is made up of two comprehensive Modules, each with their own focus on different parts of the job search process. The first portion of the program is focused on identifying skills and qualifications that companies look for, as well as identifying a list of companies and other organizations that newcomers should engage with. This Module is completed over several days, each day having its own in-depth session based on a particular challenge or question that newcomers may face. These include identifying one’s experience and how it is relevant to a Canadian company, finding relevant work opportunities as close as possible to an individual, who the newcomer should get into contact with, and …show more content…

The workshop focuses on topics such as networking and applying to jobs, English language skills, workers’ safety, rights and responsibilities, understanding pay cheque deductions, Canadian workplace culture as well as interviews and resume writing sessions (Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre, 2017d). WR Connectors Program The WR Connectors Program is a joint venture between the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and the KWMC. The main goal of this program is growing the local economy by expanding professional networks of highly qualified newcomers to Canada. This is a brief, informal networking session. Through these sessions, the connector (Canadian professional) gains access to diverse pools of qualified talent, and the connectee (newcomer) gains the beginnings of a professional network and possible career opportunities. In order to qualify as a connector, one must meet for 30 minutes with a newcomer to Canada who is a good fit, based on shared professional experiences. Then, based on the impressions of the newcomer, refer them to three other people that they believe could be helpful for the newcomer to meet (WR Connectors, 2017a). In order to qualify as a connectee, one must be a permanent resident of Canada and live in the Waterloo Region. One must also hold a professional qualification, skilled trade certificate, undergraduate or graduate degree from outside of Canada, and also speak English at a CLB Level 7 or higher

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