Nfl Player Safety Essay

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Traumatic brain injuries are on the rise in the National Football League and other football leagues worldwide. Research has increased over the years and researchers have begun to notice changes in the players minds. Due to the repeated head trauma, players often lose value in living and sometimes resort to suicide. New helmet technology and rules have been put in place, but more can be done because there is a connection between concussions and suicides. The NFL is trying to make the games safer, but that may never be possible. The NFL has begun to reform its policies on player safety, especially pertaining to the head and neck area of the players. With the players suing the NFL for all the concussions and negative side effects they bring,…show more content…
One of the biggest improvements is the cutout in the front of the helmet, called a cantilever. This little cutout is used to reduce the pressure of a big hit by diverting the pressure away from the head. A small adjustment that was made was developing a new facemask. This new facemask is lighter and more flexible to divert the blows away from the face. Also this new facemask is easier to remove in the case of a traumatic blow to the head and taking the helmet off is too risky for the players health. The biggest innovation of these new helmets is the addition of the InSite system. This high tech system alerts the team's training staff if a player sustained a hard hit and may need assistance. This is a huge innovation because trainers and coaches can’t trust a player to take themselves out of a game. Their egos are too high to show any kind of weakness like that. With this new technology, it forces the player to be removed from the game and get a check up on his health. With all this new technology, however, there comes a cost. These helmets cost $150 dollars a unit. For the NFL that really isn’t an issue, but for small high school teams and low income college programs, it is tough to find the funds to purchase everyone one of these helmets. So even though this new technology is out there, it doesn't affect everyone who plays football
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