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The NFL has crossed a line with it's archaic medicinal marijuana policy and are contributing to the opioid epidemic. The NFL has suspended Buffalo Bills offensive lineman, Seantrel Henderson, for 10 games following a third failed drug test for marijuana. Now Seantrel Henderson's story is not your typical failed drug test story. He has Crohns disease and has had two intestinal surgeries this year. His doctors say he can't take normal pain medicine because of the condition of his stomach and intestines are in.

Now if his doctor's would have prescribed him Vicoden, or Oxycontin they would have gladly gave him a "medical exemption" and he would have been on his way. However they will make absolutely no medical exemption for marijuana despite …show more content…

Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon has attributed the NFL's extreme anti-marijuana stance and dolling out of pain-pills on a deal with pharmaceutical companies.

If you give any credence to, the quite shocking evidence, found in the SportPharm DEA investigations then it becomes pretty clear his theory may not be that far off. It seems as though team physicians all across professional sports were illegally writing prescriptions prescribed to themselves and dolling them out to players.

The California Board of Pharmacy report states:"RSF and SportPharm filled prescriptions for at least eighty-one (81) different physicians in 27 different states where the physician listed himself or herself as the patient in the prescription. These prescriptions were written by team physicians for professional and college sports teams throughout the United States and were apparently intended for office use and distribution by the physicians to either team staff or team players, despite the fact that each prescription indicates that the patient was the physician who wrote the prescription."

Now if there really was a backdoor deal between the NFL and drug companies it would certainly help to explain the NFL's staunch anti-medical marijuana stance. It would really be no different than the "deal" the drug companies make with politicians. They donate tons of money, they buy influence all across politics and media, and they do absolutely everything in their power to stop natural

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