Nhs : National Health Services

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NHS: National Health Service (NHS) is the health care system run by the state. It is funded by state through taxes. NHS was founded in 1948 and its aim is to provide health services to all legal residents of UK regardless of their ability to pay. Some services, like prescriptions, optical and dental services, can charge their patients for payment. NHS is providing health services to 64.1m people in UK and 53.9m in England. (
NHS is the fifth biggest entity in terms of its work force. NHS employs 1.6 million employees across UK and 1.3 million in England. These include 40,236 General Practitioners, 351,446 nurses and 18576 ambulance staff. The number of staff working in Hospital,
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Shareholders, investors, managers, Board of directors, business/company owners, Government, Local authorities, trade unions, pressure groups, Suppliers, employees, customers and the local community are the examples of stakeholders. These Stakeholders have a direct or indirect influence on organizational strategies, policies, decisions, operations and their outcomes.
The impact and the extent of the impact that Stakeholders and the organization have over each other depends on the nature of organization and the relationship between the stakeholder and organization. Every stakeholder has its distinct affect on organization or business depending on its nature, functions and relationship with organizations. For example, government sets rates of pay, taxes, level of national insurance and introduce new legislations. Shareholders elect board of directors and vote on director’s pay levels in annual meeting. Trade unions represent its members and negotiate on behalf of its members for their rights.
The development of an organization and success of a business depends on fruitful contributions of all stakeholders and the positive interaction and cooperation between stakeholders and organizations. According to Ken Little, “A mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders will generate goodwill toward a small business, which will lead to lasting success.”
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