Niagara Movement Essay

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On November 4th 2008, history was made in the United States of America. A black man was elected as the President of this Country, something that would have been considered unthinkable just a few decades ago. This would not have been possible if certain people in history did not feel compelled to stand up against the bigotry, racism and discrimination of the African American people. The organisation that played the greatest role in achieving this goal was the The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or as it is generally known as the NAACP. The end to slavery, racial discrimination, universal suffrage and civil rights, including justice for all, would not have been possible, without the combined efforts of great leaders and members of The NAACP.
Echoing the focus of Du Bois' Niagara Movement that began in 1905, the NAACP was founded on February 12th 1909, partly in response to the continuing, gruesome practice of lynching and the 1908 race riot in Springfield, the capital of Illinois. Outraged at the violence that was being committed against the blacks, a group of white reformists, that included Mary White Ovington and Oswald Garrison Villard, both the descendants of activists, William English Walling and Dr. Henry Moscowitz, issued …show more content…

The NAACP filed lawsuits against 14 lenders including the two largest -- HSBC and Wells Fargo -- after a review that showed "systematic, institutionalized racism" in their subprime lending. As a result the NAACP settled with Wells Fargo (and some other banks) and the banks also agreed to work with the NAACP to develop programs to improve access to the best loans possible in minority neighborhoods and to ensure that borrowers don't get mortgages destined for

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