Nicholas Bradford

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Truth, Justice, and Homework Passes for All
A writer describes his life through a narrative of small moments that culminate in a larger story. The moments can be infinitesimally unimportant to the non-trained eye, but are incredibly important to a writer. Nicholas Bradford sees himself as a writer. Whether or not this is a ludicrous assumption on his part is not the point. No one can deny that the boy loves to write, and some people have even gone as far to say that he is good at it.
Nicholas began as a storyteller when he was in kindergarten. He grew up reading comic books (a trend that has continued to this day) and had a fascination with the whole super-hero archetype. He implemented a strict policy amongst his friends: They would be superheroes. …show more content…

His friends met similar fates, and became immortalized in Nicholas’s stories as heroes such as “Ben Warrior,” “Android,” and “Big Kid.” To this day, their images are carved forever into Nicholas’s comic books penned and inked through the years. The comics are a constant reminder to Nicholas of the heroes that he and his friends longed to be.
The Freedom Friends, as the group was called, was made of four children at Annie Purl Elementary in Georgetown, Texas. The team was “Tornado Boy,” “Ben Warrior,” “The Human Cross,” and “Blade.” These were Nicholas’s first friends. This was what was called the silver age of the Freedom Friends. These were the years of the creation of some of the greatest enemies that the FF ever faced, including “The Blob,” “The Chameleon,” and “Blade’s betrayal.”
The Freedom Friends were an integral part of his life: Nicholas Bradford never grew up. While his friends all found new hobbies and goals in their lives, Nicholas’s fascination with super-heroism continued and has directed his entire life down an often bizarre, but never boring path. This has steered Nicholas to his current pursuit, the culmination of years spent doodling in notebooks and writing fantastic stories of the FF’s adventures, the achievement of both a Masters in computer science, and eventually, a law …show more content…

Throughout the years, people have told Nicholas that his dreams were ridiculous and asked why he did not do something that made sense. So, like any good writer, he changed the narrative to fit the plot. He masked his aspirations of being a crime fighter into engineering, computers, and now a law degree.
Nicholas Bradford is going to be a super hero. Will he be the wise cracking Tornado Boy of his youth? Of course not. He is going to be something better. His ideas and goals will lead him through Marist, to help people, and, to develop the kind of hero he is going to be. They will lead him eventually to law school, and then finally to a firm or corporation that will let him help those who cannot help themselves. Nicholas Bradford is going to save the world. That is what is important to him. That is the thing that is central to who he is. That drive, that goal, IS Nicholas

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