Nickel's 'Notation Template On The Play'

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Notation Template:
Three sections on a single A4 page:
* Understanding a play’s directorial potential and existing intent relies on understanding from where within each definable unit and scene the tension arises, which can then be utilised to direct the space in which the play is performed and the delivery of lines by the actors. All to ensure accuracy and quality within the performance. * The play’s text relies on a major dramatic question that overarches the story and strings the dramatic tension and resolution together through the work as well as a goal for the protagonist, which acts alongside the MDQ to push the plot forward, and towards the goal of resolution.

* A director’s understanding of the play must exceed that of the
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It shows that in this understanding of how a story is constructed, each individual unit of action and dialogue within a scene adds certain elements to the story itself and allows mini-deconstructions of character within them. All of this is well and good, however the form that this information was presented in, seemed to limit the structure of story to a rudimentary exhibit of modernist and prior storytelling. This didn’t add to nor modify my view of directing by the text itself, but it did make me think of how (within the worlds of contemporary theatre and post-structuralism) the opportunity to break down a text into these units could be used to create something new, but true to the original creator’s intended story.

That being said, the idea of equilibrium disruption within the story of all kinds of theatre is a universal truth, that, even when there is no truly defined storyline to a piece, must exist to ensure that a work contains the tension required of all works. As well as all other elements of storytelling, be they visible or otherwise hidden in the sub textual base of a performance.

b) How could you apply the key messages of this
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