Nigeri A Country Part Of Nigeria

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Nigeria is a country located in West Africa bounded by Republic of Benin from the West, Niger from the North and Chad and Cameroon from the east .They became an independent nation in 1960 from their colonial master “United Kingdom”. In 1914 , the Northern and Southern part of Nigeria (two colonial states) was amalgamated by Sir. Fredrick Lord Lugard who held the position of “High Commissioner” for the protectorate of Northern Nigeria . Nigeria is made up of 3 major tribes ;the hausas, yorubas and the igbos amongst over 1000 minority tribes in the country. The hausas dominate the Northern part, the yorubas dominate the West and the igbos dominate the East. Bank data estimates Nigeria’s population to be about 173.6 million people and a Gross Domestic Product of $521.8 billion in 2013. Nigeria is blessed with many cash crop plants such as cocoa, groundnut, groundnut oil , palm kernels , palm oil and many more. These were the export commodities which Nigeria was well know for producing in the mid 1950’s. However, these exports didn 't have high demand in the foreign market to generate enough foreign exchange to sustains Nigeria’s economy at that time. There was their lack of industrialization, low incomes and poor social infrastructures until the discovery of crude oil in the Southern Niger Basin of Nigeria in 1956 by Shell-BP and other mint venture partners . Petroleum production boosted Nigeria’s economy and proved significant in the improvement of living standards to a…
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