Night Patterns

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We also learned the value of reviewing a research article as a group. Collectively we were able to understand a greater breadth of information and share our individual perspectives aided our ability to critique the articles. For example, in the quantitative article by Smith-Coggins et. al, when analyzing the inclusion criteria for the participants, one of our members pointed out that there was no information regarding years of experience working night shifts. A person new to working night shifts may not have developed an effective pre-shift/day time sleep routine when compared to a seasoned nurse, thus effecting their ability feel rested when arriving at work.
Additionally, when our searches electronic databases such as EBSCO or Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINHAL) were exhausted, we discovered the value of using the citations within the articles our initial search provided. By expanding our search in this manner we were able to discover other search terms and find other research articles that are related to our topic of interest. For instance, by exploring the cited references within an article we were able to discover numerous articles regarding safety concerns and high rate of medication errors on a night shifts but only a handful of articles specific to combining breaks on a night shift.
What are the
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The process of critiquing a qualitative and quantitative article has enabled us, as a group, to further understand the importance of knowing how to find, recognize, and understand reliable evidence within a research article. Furthermore, this learning has given us the confidence to integrate current research into our growing clinical knowledge when advocating for our
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