Critiquing Quantitative, Qualitative, Or Mixed Methods

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Critiquing Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods Studies Paper Quantitative and qualitative research studies are both significant in nursing. In this paper, I will be critiquing two articles using both approaches. Using Walden’s database system, the articles will be located and compared to one another. After this assignment, I hope to gain a better understanding if critiquing research articles. Providing care for patients diagnosed with brain tumors is the topic I selected to research. Working on a Neuro unit, I come in contact with patients that is admitted with brain tumors routinely. The first article that I selected is called Symptoms, Coping, and Quality of Life in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors: A Qualitative …show more content…

The limitation listed caused for those children to be excluded from the study. Some children had verbal disabilities as well. The strengths were that the researchers had an audit trial and had independent auditing of the qualitative analysis. Credibility of the article was confirmed through, the design and research questions being consistent with the interpretive descriptive methodology. “The other nurse researcher conducted member checking with three participants by presenting and reviewing a summary of the findings to verify the accuracy of interpretation. Quantitative and qualitative findings were triangulated in this inquiry, optimizing representative credibility and enhancing substantive completeness” (Macartney & et al., 2014, P.392). The conclusions drawn by the researcher are the survivors experience multiple symptoms and have many way of coping with the symptoms. Their symptoms has a negative impact on their daily lives. This research contributes to nursing because through understanding the children symptoms and ways that brain tumors affect their lives we can provide additional support to the patient and families. This article gives us as nursing additional information to turn to when providing care for patients with brain tumors. Yes. There are grounds for further research on brain tumors. The second article that I selected is called Stress and burnout syndrome in hospital nurses: a descriptive study.

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