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Night Shift Nurses and Anxiety
Ashley Olson
Dixie State University

Night Shift Nurses and Anxiety
As a CNA working occasional night shifts, I noticed the difference in behaviors between those nurses who worked strictly nights versus those who were strictly days. I then questioned if there would be a correlation between those nurses who worked night shift and anxiety. Most nurses who work night shift experience a different type of environment than those in day shfit as day shift is more on their feet as the patients are awake. While exploring the different correlations, I remained curious as to if there was a correlation between the nurses behaviors and working night. I feel like if I knew the correlation …show more content…

More specifically, it focused on those new to working night shifts and those who have worked that shift for several years. (Saksvik-Lehouillier, 2012, p.1136) The study went into detail about how each group could tolerate the shift work. Especially since working shifts can be related to many different negative health consequences. Some negative consequences could be anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue. In conclusion it explains how there is no difference between the groups toleration but rather that there are ways to improve the tolerance. Especially since there is some correlation between the negative effects and working a night shift. Some of the ways include, applying personality tests, couselling about the occupation and educating. (Saksvik-Lehouillier, 2012, p.1144)
In my first article, I would recommend a further investigation and comparison between day shift and night shift. I personally would recommend that while there was no direct correlation, the results could vary on the nurses history and how the nurse copes with various things. My second article focused more on how to better tolerate working at night. The study explains that working this type of shift can have negative health

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