Nike: The Problem Of Nike

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Nike is an American multinational business that is occupied in design, development, manufacturing, international marketing and it sales clothing, footwear and other sport equipment. The company was established in January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil knight, and in the end the company was officially called Nike. Nike has so many factories that located around the world, but the most famous factories that produce the clothing and other sport equipment are in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and in many other countries. Furthermore, Nike searches for countries that have people are willing to work for the factory in order to make a living for their family.
This report was commissioned to examine why does Nike hires
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First of all, Nike should think about putting machines in the factories so the work could be done faster and the employees should not have to sit hours and hours in to making one piece of clothing, the company should pay the employees more than $ 21 every month because that does not provide everything in order for them to have a normal life. Reich, R. (2015, May 07). Why Nike is the problem, not the solution- Nation of change/ progressive change through positive action Nike should try to make the price of the clothing lower for the sake of not losing the customer, because so many people prefer so buy athletic clothing, shoes and equipment from other brands and that would not make Nike a successful company. Furthermore, they should grab more customers by having new ideas of sport equipment and they should have a huge range of sport apparel in all sizes so they could grab more customers, moreover the company should not wait till the people start protecting in order to lower the price, they should think of lowering it before people protect. Nisen, M. (2013, May 09). How Nike solved its sweatshop problem, from Nike have been facing many problems but they have been hiding them as a result of not losing their customers but in the end all their problems and secrets are revealed to the public, for example the Nike company has been hiring children’s, women/ women who are pregnant and men. In addition, the factories are located in poor countries, and they are in horrible condition because they do not have air conditions and they are awfully dirty. Furthermore, they do not let the poor employees have a break and they are treating them like slaves, moreover they should clarify these things
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