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Nikola tesla was born in 1856 in smiljan, Croatia part of the Hungarian empire. He was born to an orthodox priest and the mother was an ordinary farmer.Tesla studied maths and physics at the technical university of Graz and philosophy at the university of Prague. One day tesla while on a walk he come up with an idea of a brushless AC motor, making sketches of it in the sand path. Later he moved to Paris where he secured a job of repairing direct current power plants with the Edison one point in life Tesla was considered an eccentric man who talked about rays that could destroy 10,000 plains in 250 miles.He devised the AC (alternating current) system which is used in most homes today because it was advantageous than direct current system. His transformers help regulate the AC voltage, it could be stepped up or down and be transmitted over long distances through thin wires, minimizing power loss across long distances. The direct current system had a lot of inefficiencies, it could not be transported to long distances due to its inability to step to higher voltage levels. He also invented electric motors that are used by every house hold. He invented fluorescentsbulbs and neon…show more content…
The use of alternating electrical currents and the invention of the AC engine, brought about major changes in electrical power generation and transmission that are the global standard today. Many appliances that he invented are used in most homesteads and hence he brought about changes in the lives of many.

Nikola Tesla

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