No Fracking in California

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No Fracking In California How does California get its natural gas? Well California gets its natural gas by a process known as fracking. Fracking is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep within Earth’s ground. Fracking is also known as hydraulic fracturing which releases high pressured liquid into the ground to withdraw oil or gas. Fracking makes it possible for the Earth’s commercial, residential, and industrial uses to help people live a better life. For Example, stove cooktops, heaters, and cars are all powered by natural gases. But unfortunately, there are many dangers and risk factors to fracking which can harm the Earth’s environment. Fracking is a deadly, dangerous, and risky process of extracting natural gases from California’s ground affecting those who are around it. Fracking contaminates the water (rivers, lakes, bays,) and pollutes the air. “Extracting natural gases, toxic chemicals must be pumped into the shale at a high pressure.” (Dr Scott Elias). The negative side here is that in order to get the natural gases California needs, highly toxic chemicals must be injected to the ground to retrieve oil and gas. The toxic fumes can affect the air causing disease or infection in the human environment. Diseases and infections such as cancer are found in the fluids they use for fracking. These hazards are “often laced with contaminants such as Quijano 2 boron, ammonia, and organic compounds.”

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