No Friendship Between Men And Women

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Everyone, at least once in their lives, must have experienced and overcame the painful rejection of being trapped in the so-called “Friend Zone.’’ An unrequited feeling of affection for someone has become such a relevant issue that it has officially been given a proper name. People say, “Let’s just be friends!” But what if I were to say there can be no friendship between men and women and there could never be a possibility of such relationship.
Judging from my own experience and life observations, I tend to believe that men and women never were meant to be friends due to their reproductive function and coupled nature. It does not definitively limit human purpose and spiritual growth to the act of copulation solely. However, it is against our nature to deny the opposite sex for some warm and loyal friendship.
One cliche´ has driven me to this stance - pheromones. The possibility that there had never been any “real” chemistry between us. This is a point when man and woman first meet and exchange their biological information in some non-philosophical way and decide whether they are in love or “in friendship.’’ An arguable question might appear here – what if one out of two feels that “call of pheromones’’ and another one does not? Is it a “biological program’s’’ breakdown or rather a mental one? We are lying to other people and fooling ourselves saying that we love someone in this case. Otherwise, the mechanism of compatibility would mutually recognize the “right’’ signals

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