No Love for Animals in Sea World

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Charles Darwin once said, “the love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” If only Darwin had been alive to witness the secrets of the well-known marine mammal theme park known as SeaWorld, he would have been as appalled as many have been discovering these hidden secrets. One of the major issues with SeaWorld is animal captivity. It serves as a profitable way for people to see and enjoy wild animals, but through the captivity it can transform harmless animals into violent, agitated monsters in some cases. The defenseless animals, such as the killer whales at Seaworld, are deprived of their family, lives and freedom, which can lead to exceptional aggression. Many people that visit SeaWorld or know of the theme park believe that it is just a welcoming marina and a great place to take family to see wild animals and the remarkable shows that the killer whales present. Clearly many people do not realize the truth behind what SeaWorld is doing to these poor animals. For starters, captive marine animals are robbed of most everything that is natural to them such as living in a family pod and swimming up to a hundred miles each day. Obviously these necessities cannot be met within the small enclosures where the killer whales live. Another less known fact about SeaWorld is that it lowers animals’ life spans quite drastically. Orca whales live on an average of thirty to fifty years in the wild and some can live to ninety, but the average age for orcas in

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