No Only Journal Assignment # 1

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No-No Journal Assignment #1 A very apparent theme in this text is shame. Each main characters throughout the story— Ichiro, Mr. Yamada, Mrs. Yamada, and Kenji—, even though it may not openly be discussed, all carry something with them that they feel deep shame or a very strongly regret. Starting from the beginning the first character that we meet is Ichiro, and from the beginning it is very apparent that he feels same and regret for not going into the army. From the moment he gets out of prison he thinks to himself,
…He had stood before a judge and said that he would not go into the army. At the time there was no other choice for him. Christ… just a goddamn kid is all I was… what the hell have I done? What am I doing back here? The best …show more content…

(Okada 35)
This character development by Okada is very impressive because when first meeting Ichiro’s father it is almost unimaginable for him to have this side to his personality but watching the character develop along with the the other situational developments along side it shows a very well thought out transition. Ichiro’s mother is the third character introduced in the book and her regrets are a lot more out in the open compared to Ichiro’s father. His mothers biggest shame is having left japan. This is shown as early on as chapter one and is shown through her disbelief that Japan actually lost the war and her extreme desire to return. In chapter one she shows her family a letter stating, ‘To you who are loyal and honorable Japanese… the victorious Japanese government is presently making preparations to send ships which will return to japan those residents in foreign countries who have steadfastly maintained their faith and loyalty to our Emperor” (Okada 14) which she follows up with saying to her husband and children, “The boat is coming we must be ready” (Okada 14). She felt such extreme regret for leaving her home country because she left behind her family— mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends, relatives— in order to peruse the American dream of striking it rich to, one day, be able to return with enough money to to make life in japan better, however, once coming to the United States, along with not having any family, the Yamada’s did not strike it

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