No Suicide Note Or Claim Of Duty

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She told the newspaper: “At night, he woke up and cried: ‘We Are going down!’, because he’d nightmares. He understood the best way to conceal from other people what was actually going on inside.” “Medical records were discovered that suggest a continuous sickness and proper clinical treatment,” the statement said. “The position that ripped-up present medical certifications – additionally pertaining to the day of the act – were discovered, supports, after preliminary examination, the premise the dead person concealed his sickness from his company and his professional groups.” No suicide note or claim of duty was discovered, the prosecutors said. “We should be careful, obviously. But in fact, based on that which we all know at this…show more content…
“It is totally reckless that he flew even though he’d a certification saying he wasn’t prepared to work, and was thus unfit to fly. Everything he did was exceptionally criminal.” On Thursday, Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa’s chief executive, disclosed that his training had been interrupted by Lubitz in 2009, but refused to say why. He’d just say after passing fitness and mental tests that Lubitz had been cleared to go back to work. The paper said he spent 18 months getting psychiatric treatment. He was made to duplicate his courses that were flying several times due to melancholy, before he completed his training. In 2009 he was diagnosed with a “serious depressive episode”, Bild reported. Suddeutsche Zeitung said a shrink in Rhineland wrote the sicknote in question. Germany’s national air travel office (LBA), which manages pilots’ licences, has apparently asked Lufthansa for Lubitz’s files, and said it’d pass them on to the French investigators. “Anyone with a licence must report to an authorized air travel physician annually and get a suitability certification,” a spokesman told the NTV news channel. An LBA spokesman said the widely reported “unique routine medical examination” (SIC) symbol on Lubitz’s file could pertain to any medical issue. Citing police sources, Bild said the investigation was analyzing whether Lubitz had been suffering from a “private life catastrophe”. He’s believed to have endured psychological issues and to have had relationship
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