Essay about No Video Games in P.E.

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Imagine you are a child. You walk into P.E. and line up for DDR, just like every day. You don't even feel excited like you used to. There are many kids and teens today that are obese and play video games. Schools are having a controversy on whether video games should be brought into schools as a replacement for regular physical education activities. Video games should not replace regular physical education activities in schools because they would become uninteresting/repetitive and they would not meet the minimum standards for the recommended daily exercise. Firstly, video games should not be in P.E. because they would get boring and repetitive. There are only so many games the …show more content…

There is normally 20-40 kids in a class. No school is going to buy that many game systems. That means that each student is going to have to wait in a very long line. Waiting in a line is neither exercise nor excitement. In the article "Schools may need to rethink physical education" Rick Emanuel states that "Children and adolescents should get 60 minutes or more of physical activity daily." Most P.E. classes are not even an hour. With limited time and limited video game machines, nobody would get the 60 minutes of exercise that they are supposed to get. Even if they did get in 60 minutes of active video games, the video games do not provide a muscle or bone strengthening workout. Since someone will most likely only be on the video game for a few minutes, they will not get a moderate to vigorous workout either. Rick Emanuel states in his article that along with the minimum of 60 minutes of exercises, the work out needs to strengthen muscles and bones, and needs to be a moderate/vigorous exercise. These examples alone prove that video games are not meant for P.E. and should not be excepted as good physical activity.

On the other hand, some might say that video games being brought into P.E. would be a great idea. They would say that video games as physical fitness interests more students, and helps motivate them more to exercise. This is not a valid point. Not everybody is enjoys doing sports and other normal physical activities; this is true. But on

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