No3 2 + 2 Acid

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The pigment that we chose to create is a combination of the reactants copper nitrate and sodium phosphate. This combination will create a bright blue color. The balanced equation for this combination is 3 Cu(NO3)2 + 2 Na(PO4) = Cu3(PO4)2 + 6 Na(NO3). o Procedure for pigment 1. First use the electronic scale to measure out 1 g of both copper nitrate and sodium phosphate 2. Next add both of these reactants to a graduated cylinder containing 30 mL of distilled water 3. Use a stirring rod to properly dissolve the reactants into the water 4. Next you will use gravity filtration to separate the precipitate from the water 5. Set up gravity filtration: • Attach a iron ring to one of the stands you have in lab • Place one of the clay …show more content…

To make sure this is our only factor we will be testing all the solvents on the same material, a standard blank canvas. We will be painting 2 small streaks for each different formulation and then timing the drying time with the use of a stopwatch. o Procedure for Paint Drying Time Tests 1. Gather all your different paints you created in the last procedure 2. Get your stopwatches ready to start recording as soon as you paint your streak 3. Make sure your canvas is in a different paint brushes paint 2 streaks for each paint and time them all individually 5. Make sure you label which paint is which by using your pen and masking tape 6. When you think the paint is fully dry tap it with a stirring rod, if it is then stop the stopwatch and record your data 7. Once done you should have 10 different drying times to evaluate as to which one if the most cost effective and fitting for the

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