Noises Off Play Essay

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On Tuesday the twenty-first of March my mother and I went to the beautiful San Francisco Playhouse, to watch a play within a play called Noises Off! written by Michael Frayn. I originally had my reservations about the play, without doing any research about the play ahead of time I didn’t know quite what to expect. I knew that it was a comedy and that it was about a second rate comedy troupe. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised by it and really liked Noises Off! This play is a classic case of a farce based off of plot complications, the interactions between the cast is what really makes it enjoyable.

The San Francisco Playhouse is located on the second floor of the Kensington Hotel directly in the center of San Francisco’s theatre district. We sat in the balcony across from the Proscenium stage with seating down below as well. With stage lighting, hanging from the ceiling and on the walls pointing at the stage. The ceiling was made of wood with different patterns carved …show more content…

The play is three acts with one intermission and shows the first act of a fictional play called Nothing On from three different nights on their ten-week tour: the technical rehearsal, one night a month later, and a final towards the end of the tour. With each new showing, we see the characters at different stages and in different relations to each other. Which more than the script itself makes the show what it is, a farce, a comedy riddled with plot complications; an unready crew, a relationship gone awry, and finally a tired crew and props breaking and winding up in the wrong hands at the wrong time. This play while a simple one is something that almost anyone can enjoy and leaves one laughing in the end. So while it has no life lesson or political affirmation to leave one thinking about in the end it’s just what is needed in this day and

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