Nokia And The Smartphone Market

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Nokia is known as one of the world’s largest vendors of mobile phones. It is a great communications as well as multinational technology corporation that provides services and equipment regarding telecommunication. It goes without saying that its mobile phones are durable as well as reliable making it rule the mobile market for a long time. However, Android as a competitor had advanced to a level that Nokia features were becoming irrelevant in the global Smartphone market (Becker, Mladenow, Kryvinska, & Strauss, 2012). Technology is a drive in the Smartphone industry, each day a discovery is made, and new features that are user-friendly are introduced. Nokia and Microsoft could not deny this fact and hence they had to join forces so as to compete fairly with other giants in the Smartphone industry. Moreover, Nokia started losing customers thus they had to strategize on new measures that will enable them to compete fairly on the Smartphone market. Due to this alliance, it is advisable to do an analytical SWOT analysis to come up with a proper view of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, as well as threats (Deresky, 2013, p. 187). Strengths • To start with, Nokia has a distinguished brand name. It is obvious that many customers often opt for Nokia as compared to other brands because of the reputation. The company’s products are known to be durable as well as reliable. • Nokia has very highly qualified staff. They have teamed up with experts from Microsoft as part
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