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Nokia Case Analysis 1. Introduction This paper will critically evaluate the business case about Nokia, to answer a urgent option that whether to maintain both emerging market and developed market or not. Firstly, there will be brief summary of the Nokia case, followed by analysis and evaluation of the competition Nokia faced between 1995 and 2010. After that, factors that contribute Nokia sustain its competitive position will be identified and critically analysed. Lastly, recommendations will be presented according to the challenges that Nokia is facing. Started from paper production in Finland, Nokia kept expanding and extended to telecom industry. Focusing on telecommunication with priority on research and development, Nokia quickly developed and maintained profitable. By 2000, Nokia was the fifth most valued brand globally (Alcacer et al. 2011). Until 2007, development of Apple, ZTE and Samsung brought intense market competition in both high-end and low-and market, which weakened Nokia’s market position (Alcacer et al. 2011). In this challenging new environment, Nokia is still making efforts, such as launching life tools and supporting the service of Nokia money (Alcacer et al. 2011). Nokia now can keep focus on emerging markets or try to capture both developing and development markets, which leads Nokia to a crossroads to decide which way is better to choose (Alcacer et al. 2011). 2. Analysis and Evaluation of the Competition Nokia faced (1995 – 2010) From the
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