Non Renewable Resources : A Contributing Factor Climate Change, Extinction, And Pollution

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Non-renewable resources are a contributing factor climate change, extinction, and pollution. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are considered non-natural resources that can’t be replaced upon consumption (“Nonrenewable Energy Explained”). Coal, natural gas, and fuel are heated up to create energy to provide electricity, run cars, and heats and cools buildings. The heated resources release large amounts of carbon dioxide. Then the carbon dioxide becomes trapped in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide absorbed radiation from the sun, thus keeping heat in. Therefore, the overall global temperature increases. The increase in temperature caused by air pollution leads to extreme storms, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. …show more content…

Consequently, renewable energy companies lack support to produce clean energy. Some states, such as Washington and Oregon, tax carbon, such as gas used for vehicles, to promote clean energy such as wind energy (“States”). On the other hand, many other states encourage the oil industry. The battle for dominance between wind energy companies and fossil fuel companies are ongoing as climate change becomes worse.
Body 3 - Pros
The most important aspect of wind energy is that is it a clean, renewable energy. Wind energy does not release any damaging products that contribute to climate change, unlike fossil fuels (Bernard). The production of wind turbines, maintenance, and harnessing the energy provides many opportunities and jobs for people who desperately need it. Wind energy also provides income for those with no experience in the field. Property owners can rent a piece of their land to wind energy companies in exchange for money, while individuals who own their own wind turbines can sell extra energy harvested by their turbines to electrical companies for money. The cost in wind turbines is at an all-time low and is steadily decreasing since, so the investment in wind energy is worthwhile (“Low Cost of Solar Power…”).
Body 4 - Cons
Although wind energy is more ecofriendly than fossil fuels, it does cause a negative effect on the environment. Birds and other flying animals have been known to fly into

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