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Wind Power: Nature’s Gift

Wind power is a clean and renewable energy that, while at times unreliable, has very low upkeep cost and is growing at a rapid rate. While there is currently enough wind power to provide many times our current energy need, it is unfeasible in reality. Wind power utilizes the kinetic energy of air and uses it to power a generator to produce electricity. Even though dependence on wind power is impossible, it still can provide a strong, clean, quantity of power to supplement current energy production.
Wind energy is essentially the conversion of the kinetic energy from air molecules in motion to mechanical energy which is generally then converted into electrical energy. People have used wind power since 700 AD in …show more content…

Wind power and solar power also tend to compliment each other; a study by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has shown that generally, while wind speeds are high solar power generation tends to be low and vice versa, so the two could be used in conjunct to make up for each other’s weaknesses.
The main cost of wind energy is in the initial investment in the construction of a wind turbine; the upkeep cost is generally marginal and lower than one cent per kWhr. In general, wind power works by having air molecules move across the turbine blades transferring kinetic energy from the molecules to the turbine, causing it to turn. As it turns, the mechanical energy can be used to perform tasks such as grinding grain. More commonly, the turbine turns and utilizes a power generator to convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy.
While wind power is currently more expensive per unit of energy (the initial cost of construction is spread across a turbine’s lifetime, generally around 20-30 years) than alternatives such as coal; wind power lacks the negative externalities that other energy sources produce, namely pollution, through the formation of CO2, heat, and other waste materials. Once factors such as health problems, global warming, destruction of wilderness and such come into play, wind energy becomes a very

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