Why Do We Continue to Hurt Our Earth? Essay

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Why are we determined to continually hurt ourselves over and over again? Every day people are committing acts of terror towards our natural habitat we call earth. Is it an intentional annihilation against our own species, or is it an unknown action that we are creating our own destruction without any mental disturbance. There is an obligation to protect our way of life and the resources we need to live. Since we are the alpha species, we should take heed to the warning signs earth is giving us. Every species on this earth depends on another for survival. We have the responsibility to ensure water, energy, and food supply stays sufficient for all. Also, there should be specialized attention to the forest. As an inhabitant of this planet, it …show more content…

We have engineered a way to harness the power of these rays to produce electricity needed to operate machinery. It is a renewable source of clean energy that we can find more uses for in the future. There are some houses being tested already, but the biggest is the motorized vehicle. This type of energy will become the norm in the future, but we have to protect what protects us. The ozone layer is vital to our very existence.
The wind occurs naturally in nature and it can be harmful or helpful. We use it as another source of clean energy, and like solar energy it will never run out. Windmill farms have been produced to help harness the ability of producing electricity through the use of turbines. The cost is low and no gases are released into the atmosphere to destroy the earth’s protective barrier known as the ozone.
Forest Preservation
However, the forests are among the top of the list when it comes to resources. Our oxygen is heavily influenced by the forest, but the hunger for profit by industry is rapidly drawing it close to its end. Oxygen will soon be placed on the list of endangered resources if the destruction of the forest is not declined. The term deforestation means nothing to an individual with a hungry mind for money, but as environmentalist we have to educate the suit on the proper reason to protect the forest. If he wants to continue to breathe and enjoy his money, the forest

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