Non Resident Voting Essay

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My topic is about non-resident voting in federal elections. The people who are Canadian citizens but does not live in Canada for five year or more does not have the right to vote in federal elections. I choose this topic because it is interesting find out how the final decision of the court is. Some people in my opinion thinks that although they live aboard for more than five year, they love their country same as who live in Canada. So that they have the right to vote in federal election.
The objective of this assignment is to find out as following:
• What is the name of the case?
• What was the date the case was heard? What was the date of the judgment?
• In which court was the case heard?
• Was the case heard in another court(s) previously? …show more content…

Why was it challenged?
• What was the judgment of the court?
• What is the basis of the reason for judgment?
• Is it the same as the ruling of the lower court(s) (if applicable)?
• Was the ruling unanimous (was it one opinion or concurring opinions)
• Were there dissenting opinions?
• (informed by: MacIver, Heather. Canadian Politics and Government in the Charter Era. Thomson Nelson. University of Windsor. 2013)
I found the court case by going to the website of Ontario court of appeal that’s provided in the Syllabus. I found another Academic Journal by typing Voting rights in Canada in the single search of Camosun library database. I also found another Academic Journal by typing Nonresident voting in the single search of Camosun library database. I found new article name “Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Voting Rights for Non-resident Canadians” by searching on the google. I also find another source by typing the case name and found the article “Canada: No Right to Vote in Federal Elections for Long-Term Expats” on google. I will find other sources such as news article, blogs, or books by typing different names and vocabularies to find different article or different aspect of people who post in the

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